Hello and Welcome!

I'm Khalidah, founder and creative director of the lifestyle network, The Iconic Girls. When I started The Iconic Girls, I wanted to create the network as a place to celebrate and empower ladies; a platform to highlight the value of being a woman, self-worth, intelligence, beauty and what it means to build a great legacy for yourself. The website and social media outlets focus on the importance of self-confidence, self-motivation, and self-esteem; all while having fun! 

So what exactly does being an Iconic Girl mean? Iconic Girls are women that believe in themselves. They're role models and inspirations. Iconic Girls embrace their imperfections and value to love themselves. Their style is unique and their own. They're stylish and chic, creating their own trends. Iconic GIRLS are not followers...they're the LEADERS! They embrace their bodies...whether they're short tall, curvy or thin. Their hair may be short or long, relaxed or natural...it doesn't matter...they're comfortable in their own skin. Iconic GIRLS are mothers, daughters, companions, sisters and best friends. They're motivated and positive. Iconic GIRLS are full of life, spirituality, and passion. They are determined to build their legacy as an inspiration to others. They are special, unique and one-of-a-kind type of girls. Iconic Girls are women like you and me!

My hope is to show young girls and women that they are indeed iconic and a legend within their homes, families, and communities. Our brand is our reputation and our reputation is a vital key to creating the legacies that we want to build for ourselves. You don't have to be a platinum-selling artist or top paid actress to be iconic. We are all legendary and it's up to each of us to build our legacies. Thank you for visiting and I hope you love it just as much as I do!