3 Easy Ways To Increase Peace & Harmony In Your Life

"The life of inner peace, being harmonious and without stress, is the easiest type of existence."

In a world filled with drama, chaos, and unwanted negativity, it can be difficult to find inner peace and serenity.  Between working your 9-5, going to school, taking care of the kids and listening to the nightly news, finding your happiness can seem inevitable.  Thanks to Essence, we have three simple and tangible ways you can find your inner calm.  Take a look inside at these simple steps.

Chivalry: The Difference Between A Gentleman And Deadbeat

It's a common misconception that women are more attracted to intrusive, bad boy types while the gentlemen get ignored and left out in the cold.  Many men have come to the conclusion that chivalry is dead because women are unappreciative of their kindness.  Well, ladies, I can say without a reasonable doubt, these men are wrong! While we do love a man that has a bit of edge to him, women still want to be respected and treated like a lady. 

The main difference between these two types of men is confidence.  Women have and always will love chivalry, but if the gentleman does not exude confidence during the first interactions with a woman, there is a chance that she could pass him over.  Unfortunately, there are some us who have fallen for the jerk aka "the bad boy" over the gentleman  because we devour his confidence and overlook the respect and thoughtfulness that he should expose. Take a look to see what qualifications I think a gentleman should possess when first meeting/dating you and what signs should make you run for the hills.

Revamp Your Romance: 5 Date Night Ideas You Haven't Thought Of

Date nights are a staple for any successful relationship.  Sure, your weekly "dinner and a movie" date nights are always a good time between you and your guy- but lucky for you, we have some date night advice that will score you major points and one less trip to that same ol' crowded theatre.

Your 5 Step Interview Prep Plan

Congratulations, you’ve graduated college. All of your hard work has paid off, and you are finally ready to enter into the real world. You’ve spent the last four+ years preparing for the job you’ve always wanted which will allow you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. The next step in the process of becoming an “adult” is now going to countless interviews & trying to find the right company that is the best fit for you.  Going to your first interview can not only be scary, but can also be a process filled with lots of questions and anxiety. Interviews are meant to not only see if you are the right fit for the company, but are also meant to determine if the company you are applying for is the right fit for yourself. The worst thing one can do when going to an interview is to arrive unprepared. Below are 5 must-take steps to ensure you have the best interview possible:

Mother's Day Love: Iconic Women Raising ICONIC Women

 I grew up thinking my dad was the fun parent and my mom played bad cop a little to comfortably. Now that I am 21 going on 22 I finally realize she was never the bad cop, just an iconic mother of 4! She managed to put all her children through college on her own. She worked 99 hours a week just to make sure we had the opportunity to do whatever we pleased. She grinded for her babies and let nothing stop her from making sure we would succeed. I have accomplished many things and each day my mother motivates me to do more, to transform the world with my ideas.

Building Her Legacy: 12 Questions With Vyana Brie


Posted by Khalidah

This fabulous lady's name should be on everyone's lips...just who am I talking about? Vyana Brie.  Talk about an inspiring woman!  Whether you're looking for eco friendly, classic and stylish designs to add to your wardrobe, Vyana is there to help. She’s the creator of the cothing brand "Sault", a stylish selection of garments that tell a story of unity, humanity, nature and style. I absolutely adore Vyana and have to give her a huge round of applause for setting her own rules and daring to be unique. It’s obvious that she knows a thing or two about confidence, sophistication what it takes to build her legacy. Read her fill profile inside.

Building Her Legacy! 12 Questions With Author NV Love


I'm over the moon to introduced our newest Iconic Girl spotlight, NV Love. As a self-publishing author and vivid story teller, NV's debut novel "Secrets of My Temple" is her declaration to empowering women to live freely while addressing social and sexual issues that affect numerous lives and relationships every day. Truly her physical beauty is enough to take your breathe away but her drive and dedication to acheiving her accomplishments can leave you speechless.  I introduce to you- NV Love.

Get Inspired: 12 Questions With Iconic Girl Vic Styles


Some fashion trendsetters come and go but Iconic Girls like Vic Styles last forever.  Channeling a little electric, bold and oh-so-bohemian vibe, indeed this LA based beauty is becoming one of the most buzz-worthy names in the beauty and fashion biz.  Vic's unique approach to beautiful fashion and culture only feeds our love for her even more.  Take a look and be prepared to absorb the grace and shining light of Vic Styles and learn how she keeps herself focused, determined and motivated to becoming a household name.