We Run The World! 24 Reasons Why Being A Woman Rocks

posted by Khalidah

"You have what it takes to be a victorious independent fearless woman."~ Tyra Banks

Universally, women are known for being unique individuals. As women, we have amazing abilities that men simply lack. So get ready for an ego boost ladies and see our list of reasons that women rule the world.

~ Sometimes chocolate really can solve our problems.
~ We have a thing called women’s intuition.
~ We can let go emotionally with our friends.
~ We can wear heels to make us taller.
~ Woman have curves…men have guts.
~ We can have babies.
~ We know the truth about weather size really matters.
~ Shopping is a spiritual experience.
~ We can drink fruity and colorful drinks in public without being laughed at.
~ We can blame our moodiness on PMS.
~ We can conceal acne and blemishes with makeup.
~ We don’t have to plan our Sunday’s around football games.
~ We can wear men’s clothing and still look sexy.
~ Spanks!!!( need we say more!).
~ We know how to command attention without raising our voice.
~ It’s ok to be a daddy’s girl at any age.
~ We know how to use our intelligence to get what we want.
~ We get doors opened for us, chairs pulled out and have heavy items carried
to our cars.
~ We don’t need a shiny car, big house or a man to define who we are.
~ We can flash a smile to get out of trouble.
~ A woman’s best friend…diamonds. A man’s best friend…a dog.

~ We were born to multitask.
~ We are sassy, fabulous, creative and strong.
~ We know how to make it through tough situations.

So, tell us what you love must about being a woman? Post your comments below and let's keep the conversation going!
~Love and Light

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