Fall In Love With Your Curly Hair

posted by Khalidah
Attention curly girls!  Are you involved in a love/hate relationship with your hair? Those hot summer months and awful humidity worked havoc on your strands, causing many days of sweaty, frizzy and out of control hair. In addition, lets not mention the breakage or shedding caused by flat irons, high ponytails and tight puffs.  Now that we're in the days of cooler temperatures and low humidity, I have a few simple solutions to help you fall in love with your hair again!  Take a glance inside to see my advice on a few quick and simple adjustments.


The Problem: Out of Control Frizz
Hot humid days can be a curly girls' worst nightmare. You start your day with a head full of beautiful coils, then suddenly the frizz takes over and your stuck with a big puffy mess.  But fizz is not all about the unfriendly weather.  Your curls can sustain a lot of damage and frizz from the overuse of blow-dryers, curling irons, hair coloring and relaxing treatments.  The main reason for such damage is the harsh effects it causes on the hair's protective layer of shingle-like cells (the cuticle).  The older we become, the less oil the hair follicles will produce, causing the hair cuticle to become thinner and prone to a fizzy mane. 

The Solution: Conditioner
Conditioner is especially great for adding moisture to your hair and minimizing frizz.  For starters, look for sulfate-free shampoos and creamy conditioners with ingredients made up of things like avocado, argan oil, amino acids, vitamin A & E and silk protein.  These are all healthy ingredients that will help seal the hair cuticle and lock in the moisture. 

The Problem:  Breakage
As I mentioned earlier, the overuse of hot tools and over processing with chemical treatments are not helping your delicate coils.  While there are so many women out there struggling with dry brittle hair, 400 degree curling wands and hair dye are not the only culprits contributing to your dry strands.  Low iron or a vitamin B12 deficiency may be to blame for your breakage as well.  If you've noticed a lot of breakage recently, schedule an appointment with your doctor to have your blood work drawn.

The Solution: Get A Hair Trim
Think of trims like routine car maintenance.  If you're consistent in taking your car to the dealer for routine services, your vehicle will run a lot smoother.  This same concept applies to your hair.  Try getting a professional "blunt ends" trim every 6-8 weeks. 

The Problem: Shedding
Although it's pretty normal for the hair to shred 50 to 200 strands per day, you should still pay close attention to the amount of hair falling out into your brushes, combs and shower drains.  This could be an early sign of female pattern hair loss.

The Solution: Biotin
A daily dosage of 2,500mg to 5,000mg of biotin can work wonders for your hair.  Within 6-12 months of taking this supplement, you'll notice fuller, stronger and healthier locs.  For a quick temporary fix, use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to create thick fullness.  Then, as an alternative to blow drying, try a roller set and sit under a hooded dryer on a warm setting. Once it's dry, remove the rollers and gently fluff the hair with your fingers. 

These tips seem doable right?  Sometimes the smallest changes can make for the biggest improvements. Share some of your favorite curly girl hair tips below and lets keep the conversation going!

~Love & Light!

Adapted from (Redbook)
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  1. I think it takes time for you to fall in love w/ your hair.. and even then it will not be something that is certain.. you just might not like your texture.
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  2. I hated my hair before too, but it takes time to love your hair as it is.