Your Office Is Not A Sorority: 7 Co-Workers You Should Not Befriend

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It's a common thing to build hearty relationships with peers in the workplace, but it may not be a such a good idea to become besties with everyone in the office.  Of course, rubbing elbows with the right people can help you in your quest to move up the corporate ladder, but there is a downside to getting to buddy-buddy with the girl over in the next cubicle.  Who you choose to associate with in the office has an impact on the way you're perceived to your superiors.  Take a look inside at some of the co-workers you may want to steer clear from.

1. The Tattletale.  We've all experienced this person before. She's the one that loves to point out everything that you've done wrong - not only will she point it out to you but to everyone as well. She'll politely stick her noise in your work and draw attention to your mistakes (as if you asked). Watch out for this one. She'll make it her business to disclose your errors and personal business in front of your supervisors and peers: "Lisa didn't tell you she didn't finish the report because she had to leave early for a hair appointment?"  While she may have your bosses fooled, your co-workers know what her real motives are. 

2. The New BFF. She's been glued to your hip since your first day at the office. She emailing the latest news on the gossip blogs, saving a seat for you next to her in staff meetings, insisting that you take your lunch breaks together and just happens to be on the same bathroom schedule as you.  While it's nice to have an office buddy, you don't want to befriend someone that doesn't understand boundaries. 

3. The Snack Supplier.  You know who she is. She's built like the 90's version of Tyra Banks with the flattest stomach you've ever seen, yet she's never without a box of thin mints or cream-filled cake snacks.  She's the one that insist that you try the pastries she brings every damn morning. But, have you realized that she never partakes in these tasty treats herself? Although her snack pushing won't cause you to lose your career, the afternoon sugar rush can have a unfavorable impact on your productivity at work. 

4. The Man Eater.  Overdone eye shadow. Skintight dresses. Eyewatering perfume. This office flirt can come in all shapes and ages. Her office etiquette makes it very clear that she'd rather interact and draw attention from your male counterparts and any woman on her turf is considered her competition. Childish?  Yes. Unprofessional?  Absolutely. The best thing to do is steer clear of her and her office husband. 

5.  The Idea Thief.  The two of you work in the same office and perform the same daily tasks, yet she's always asking for YOUR opinion on how a project should be handled. There is nothing wrong with giving your co-workers your ideas on how a task should be completed. The problem starts when she shares your thoughts at the project meeting as if they were her own. 

6.  The Gossiper.  She's quick to spill the tea on everyone in your office. While she's giving you the lowdown on confidential chats or conversations she's overheard about your team members, just know that you are no exception. Be very careful the next time you think about conversing with her about your personal struggles or how ugly your bosses shoes are today. 

7.  The Black Cloud. Sure, we all have issues within the workplace and sometimes feel the need to express our disappointments. A co-worker that hates their job and everything and everyone in the office is not the person for you to confide in. Your boss may think that you share the same bad attitude as her and eventually her misery will start to rub off on you. 

Have you ever worked with a co-worker that you'd prefer not to be friends with? Post your comments below and let's keep the conversation going!

~Love & Light

Adapted from Lemondrop 
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