8 Types of Friends Every Girl Should Have

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"True friends are like diamonds – bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style." ―Nicole Richie
Friendships are very important to women and we take pride in the bonds we've developed with our besties over the years.  Friends are like family to many and you should be able to count on them whenever you need a supportive buddy. These relationships are extremely important in our lives and are a huge foundation to the women we are today. Here are 8 types of friends you should always have around.

1. The Funny Girl
I believe perhaps the most effective relief from the stress of day to day living can be a big hearty laugh.  This friend has the ability to put a smile on our face through the most difficult times and usually has warmth and compassion to spare.

2. A Workout Buddy
Working out can become a whole lot easier when your bestie is next to you.  You'll be less likely to cancel your workout session when someone else is counting on you and she'll be your top motivator. And if the mere thought of working out makes you groan big time, your fitness buddy's toned abs will be your constant reminder that bikini season will creep back on us in no time. Who's ready to do some planks?

3. The Kindred Soul
She is always the source to go to whenever you need someone in your corner.  She may not have all the answers or know the prefect things to say in every situation, but you're the carbon copy of each other, so she'll understand exactly what your going through. She's know when you need her most and cherishes you like her own sister.

4. A Childhood Friend
You love one another for the women that you are and will remind each other of the great memories that the two of you have built.  You'll protect each others most intimate secrets with your life and continue to be each others ears on this roller coaster we call life.  This type of relationship is priceless, so cherish it dearly.

5. The Fighter
Most-likely the loudest one in your circle, there is no denying her tell-it-like-it-is personality.  She is not afraid to speak up for herself.  She'll even defend you when you're too afraid to speak for yourself.  Her no-nonsense attitude is a breath of fresh air when you need someone in your corner who's not afraid to keep it real.  But don't label her a troublemaker because she loves just as hard as she fights.

6. A Spiritual Friend
 Research shows that people who regularly engaged in prayer and meditation are less stressed than others. She will be able to share words of wisdom and support that will lift your soul and echo in your heart. There is no doubt that she's your rock and will provide a friendship of unconditional love.

7. A New Friend
It's always refreshing to meet new people because they have no preconceived notions about you.  Try befriending the new neighbor or woman in your yoga class.

8. The 9-5 Friend
Your bond is something special.  You'll clash, be each other's life coach and share in the occasional break room gossip.  She'll help you get through those tough work days as she knows the good, bad and ugly about your office environment.  She may not be part of your usual circle of friends, but she helps you keep your sanity throughout the day.
Which friend personality are you?  What types of personalities does you circle of girlfriends have?

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Photo Source: We Heart It

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