Girl Chat: Q&A Session with Actress Ashley A. Williams

post by Khaidah Johnson

Artistry. Beauty. Dedication. Faith. Can you really find it all in one complete package?  Absolutely...and actress Ashley A. Williams is proof.  A hidden gem in the entertainment industry, Ashley is as skillful at portraying strong beautiful women as she is at playing vulnerable and complicated characters. She may be best know for her performance as Nia Breaux in the 2013 film Frat Brothers and has displayed her acting range in her comedic YouTube mini-series #AshTags and the dramatic web-series Black Boots.

I recently caught up with Ashley for a little girl chat about her career, her style and what television series she can't get enough of. With the talent, determination and grace that Ashley portrays, it won't be long before she's one of the most sought after actresses in the game.