Boost Your Party Confidence: 10 Ways To Feel Shameless At Any Party

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Shy girls, this one's for you! Is being thrown in a room full of crowded strangers your worst nightmare?  Have you ever been faced with sitting in a party not knowing who to mingle with?  Are you left feeling awkward and out of place?  Social events can be pure hell for those who are not social butterflies. Thankfully, the popular website, She Knows, has ten amazing tips to help you come out of your cocoon and work a room full of strangers with ease and self-reliance.

1. Find out everything you can about those who will be attending. Where are they from?  What do they do?  What are their interests? This is what you can talk to them about.

2. Wear something that people can talk about. Wear something that will draw attention and inspire people to approach you.  What do you have that would be a good conversation starter?

3. Read a couple of blogs, magazines and newspapers just before the event so that you can use the headlines as icebreakers.  The more conversation fuel you have, the easier it will be to get a conversation started.

4. Get to the party early.  This gives you the opportunity to warm up slowly as the other guests gradually arrive.

5.Compliment someone on something they're wearing and then ask an open-ended questions about it. It's one of the most effective icebreakers around.

6. Remember in detail the accomplishments you're most proud of just before entering the room.  The memory will flood your system with endorphin's, an instant confidence booster.

7. Breathe!  When feeling self-conscious, people often draw short, shallow breaths, which only makes things worse.  Focus on taking deep breaths, which will have an instant calming and grounding effect.

8. Pretend that you're the host of the party. This will boost your self confidence because it makes the event YOUR event.

9. Position yourself around the desert area. It makes for easy conversations, and when people eat, their endorphin levels rise, which puts them in a better mood.

10. Approach people that are standing alone. They're probably feeling awkward and lonely and will be grateful to you for saving them from anonymity.

What helps you to feel confident and shameless at social events?  Post your comment below and let's keep the conversation going!

~Love & Light

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